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At Taylor S. Kilgore, Attorney at Law, we provide the following legal services.

Child Protective Parent Representation

Representing parents in Child Protective matters, defending their rights for contact with their children, access to services and reunification of their families

Child Protective Guardian Ad Litem

Representing children's best interest in Child Protective matters, doing an independent investigation and providing recommendations to the Court

Family Matter Guardian Ad Litem


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Child Protective & Family Legal Team

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Our attorneys have backgrounds in mental health and are consistent, patient and professional, giving each new case the attention it deserves. An integral part of our services is to work closely with clients so that they can make the right decisions to meet their goals.

Taylor S. Kilgore, Esq.

Taylor S. Kilgore, Esq.

Owner, Lead Attorney

Taylor has a bachelor's degree in mental health and human services. Prior to law school, Taylor worked with consumers with severe and persistent mental illness. It was in that role that Taylor discovered that she needed a different "language" to assist her clients through their difficulties and made the decision to go to law school. Taylor graduated with a JD from University of Maine School of Law and over the past 9 years has practiced primarily in protective custody matters. Currently, Taylor is the owner of her small firm and her practice focuses on GAL work (PC & FM) and representing parents in PC cases. Taylor also serves as the Vice President & Secretary of the Maine Parental Rights Attorneys Association (MEPRAA). Taylor recently co-led the MCILS Minimum Standards training for PC attorneys and has been invited to speak at the Guardian Ad Litem class at the University of Maine School of Law.

Maya Brown, Esq.

Maya Brown, Esq.

Associate Attorney

Maya Brown grew up in Waterville, Maine and received her bachelor’s degree in psychology from Smith College. Prior to law school, Maya worked as a paralegal at Children’s Rights, a legal nonprofit which advocates for systemic reform in the child welfare system. Maya has always had a long-term goal of working with children and families, particularly those navigating the family regulation system, which led her to attend Northeastern University School of Law. While in law school, Maya interned at Pine Tree Legal in their Family Law Unit, where she assisted in representing victims of domestic abuse in their family matters cases. As a 3L, Maya had the good fortune of interning with Taylor Kilgore, and is excited to join Taylor S. Kilgore, Attorney at Law as an associate attorney. Maya is trained as a guardian ad litem in child protective and family matter cases, and represents parents in PC cases.

Rob Kilgore, MBA

Rob Kilgore, MBA

General Manager

Rob has a BS in Public Administration from the University of Maine at Augusta and an MBA from the University of Southern Maine School of Business with a concentration in Business Analytics. Rob loved working and leading in a large fast-paced business, but travel was a big part of his job. Over time the allure of self-employment and less traveling proved irresistible. After over a decade in sales, marketing and e-commerce services, Rob decided to join his wife Taylor and assist her in managing and growing her business. As his title implies, Rob generally manages things to allow the office to function effectively and efficiently.

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